Immigration policy

Hey guys, I recently had a project to write an essay about my opinion on U.S. immigration policy and I thought I would share with you. Here it is:

There are lots of ways the United States government could approach immigration policy, but there is no perfect solution. No matter what you say someone is going to disagree with you. Although I sampled from most of the policies, mine is mainly based off of making emigration unnecessary.

First off, we need to secure our borders with more border patrol. As the immigration policy reading states, “An open immigration policy will inevitably make it easier for would-be terrorists to enter the country undetected.” With secure borders it would be much harder for people, drugs, weapons, or anything else to cross the border without us knowing about it. I’m not saying that we need to keep everything from coming in. All I’m saying is that we need to know about it. If we don’t know what is coming in and out we can’t make sure that the American people are safe. The drug trade from Latin America to the U.S. would be greatly dampened if our borders were more secure. As for the undocumented immigrants that are already here, it would be almost impossible to deport 11 million people. Instead, we should put them in line for the citizenship application process.

Some politicians think that we should buy less from Mexico. I think that we should buy more products from Mexico. The more we buy from Mexico, the more American dollars they have to spend. Then we can provide them with services like assistance in getting rid of gangs and drugs. We could also provide education and infrastructure for things like clothing that are mostly made in China. The United States gives millions of dollars every year to Latin American countries. If we could redirect that money towards building schools and factories, it would be more beneficial the U.S. in the long run. That education and infrastructure will attract jobs and people will have more products made in Mexico instead of China. This in turn will lower transportation costs because products only have to come from Mexico instead of all the way from China.

Lots of people come to the U.S. to make money. In Enrique’s Journey, Lourdes had to leave her children to keep them from starving. “She can barely afford food for him and his sister, Belky, who is seven. She’s never been able to buy them a toy or a birthday cake”(p4). In Under the Same Moon, a movie we watched in Spanish class, the same sort of thing happens. There should be a better option than mothers leaving their children to keep them from starving. We should have a program in which people can come to the U.S. for a few years to work in exchange for services like food, a place to sleep, healthcare, and especially education. “They have a bleak future. He and Belky are not likely to finish grade school… A good job is out of the question”-Enrique’s Journey (p4). With my idea, when people return they can find work in their home country. If we just let them stay then people would try to come to the U.S. unnecessarily and Latin America would have no skilled workers left, which was mentioned in the text.

People would apply for these programs at the U.S. embassies in their home countries. There would also be incentives for skilled workers to return to their home countries and work there. This would help the economy in those places grow and people will not need to leave to find a good job in the first place.

We should grant more visas per year for opportunities like this and for refugees. Refugees should also have an accelerated process for getting temporary visas. Refugees should also have designated areas in which they are protected so they don’t need to create gangs to protect themselves like what happened in Los Angeles.

“Sometimes Enrique does not eat at all. He feels weak”-Enrique’s Journey (p150). Children suffer so much trying to get to the U.S. through Mexico. It should be much easier to get into the U.S. legally and much harder to get into the U.S. illegally. People will not have to suffer spending months traveling and they should not have to risk their lives on the tops of trains.

My plan may limit skilled workers from Latin America entering our country, but otherwise the skilled workers would be drained from Latin America. Besides, they are the ones that are taking jobs away from U.S. citizens.

With my policy life will be better in Latin America in fifty years. There will be less violence, poverty, drugs, and gangs in Latin America in fifty years because there will be better infrastructure, education, and a better economy. With my policy life will be better in the U.S. in fifty years. There will be fewer undocumented immigrants, drugs, and taxpayer’s dollars spent on deportation in the U.S. in fifty years. There will be more job opportunities and newer industries in the U.S. in fifty years.

Immigration policy

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