Queenstown, NZ

Hey guys, I’m in New Zealand! It’s really awesome here, and I’ve done so much cool stuff! We got to Queenstown two days ago.

Today we went Jet boating. A jet boat is a really fast, really shallow-hulled boat. It has a giant engine and two jest that together put out about 750 horses. The water hydroplanes in the water so well that it only needs about four inches of water to operate. Driving a jet boat is so difficult, the driver needs 120 hours of training before ze can even take passengers. They are so experienced that they come within four or five inches of the cliffs on each side of the river. The driver can also do a flat spin on the water. Its really fun.

After jet boating we went to Arrowtown, which is like an Old Sturbridge Village for Queenstown. On Main Street there are all of these cute little shops. We stopped by the magnificent sweet shop and got to taste some really good fudge. We ended up buying about a few flavors. The next stop was the Jade and Opal Factory. There they made some jewelry out of greenstone. Greenstone is a type of soft jade that the indigenous Maōri made jewelry out of. Greenstone was sacred to the Maōri. Your first piece of greenstone has to be a gift and the giver has to wear it for a day to pour zis good luck into it. We got one for my grandmother and one for my Aunt Sunni, who is battling cancer. My sister and I also got one for each other. We got my grandmother and Sunni both fishhooks. The fish hook represents strength and good health. The ring, a circle, represents infinity.

Next, and most exiting, we were off to the Kawarau Bridge bungee! You jump off of an old suspension bridge into the Kawarau River! I sat down and the person there wrapped my legs in a towel and secured it with a webbing strap. I hopped over to the jumping platform. 3…2…1… in my head: “AAAHHH!!!” Out loud: “WOOOHOOO!!!” It was absolutely terrifying for the first second and a half, but in a good way. Then the bungee cord caught me, but not in time to keep me out of the water. “YEAH!” I yelled when I came shooting up out of the water. I bounced around for a little while and the boat caught me. After I jumped, people were looking at me like I was a celebrity.

Queenstown, NZ