Vail In Skiing

Vail is one of the largest skiing resort owners across the U.S. In Park City, Utah, Vail owns a resort called Canyons. The people who were leasing Park City didn’t pay the lease on time, so they lost the rights and Vail now owns it. Construction is currently going on connecting the two resorts with a gondola.

Vail has a product called the Epic Pass, which is a ski pass to many resorts that Vail owns across the U.S. The resorts on the epic pass include four in Colorado, one in Utah (Park City and Canyons are now combined), three in Lake Tahoe, one in Minnesota, one in Michigan, and one in New South Wales, Australia. I think this pass will be good for most skiers because the Epic pass cost about $730 for the entire season, for all of the resorts, but the cost of a season pass at just one resort is usually more that that, which shows the value of the Epic Pass.

There are a lot of people who don’t like Vail, so they won’t ski at Park City. There are also a lot of people that will ski the epic pass, like my family, because of the deal that it is, and Park City has some pretty great powpow.

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Vail In Skiing