Immigration policy

Hey guys, I recently had a project to write an essay about my opinion on U.S. immigration policy and I thought I would share with you. Here it is:

There are lots of ways the United States government could approach immigration policy, but there is no perfect solution. No matter what you say someone is going to disagree with you. Although I sampled from most of the policies, mine is mainly based off of making emigration unnecessary.

First off, we need to secure our borders with more border patrol. As the immigration policy reading states, “An open immigration policy will inevitably make it easier for would-be terrorists to enter the country undetected.” With secure borders it would be much harder for people, drugs, weapons, or anything else to cross the border without us knowing about it. I’m not saying that we need to keep everything from coming in. All I’m saying is that we need to know about it. If we don’t know what is coming in and out we can’t make sure that the American people are safe. The drug trade from Latin America to the U.S. would be greatly dampened if our borders were more secure. As for the undocumented immigrants that are already here, it would be almost impossible to deport 11 million people. Instead, we should put them in line for the citizenship application process.

Some politicians think that we should buy less from Mexico. I think that we should buy more products from Mexico. The more we buy from Mexico, the more American dollars they have to spend. Then we can provide them with services like assistance in getting rid of gangs and drugs. We could also provide education and infrastructure for things like clothing that are mostly made in China. The United States gives millions of dollars every year to Latin American countries. If we could redirect that money towards building schools and factories, it would be more beneficial the U.S. in the long run. That education and infrastructure will attract jobs and people will have more products made in Mexico instead of China. This in turn will lower transportation costs because products only have to come from Mexico instead of all the way from China.

Lots of people come to the U.S. to make money. In Enrique’s Journey, Lourdes had to leave her children to keep them from starving. “She can barely afford food for him and his sister, Belky, who is seven. She’s never been able to buy them a toy or a birthday cake”(p4). In Under the Same Moon, a movie we watched in Spanish class, the same sort of thing happens. There should be a better option than mothers leaving their children to keep them from starving. We should have a program in which people can come to the U.S. for a few years to work in exchange for services like food, a place to sleep, healthcare, and especially education. “They have a bleak future. He and Belky are not likely to finish grade school… A good job is out of the question”-Enrique’s Journey (p4). With my idea, when people return they can find work in their home country. If we just let them stay then people would try to come to the U.S. unnecessarily and Latin America would have no skilled workers left, which was mentioned in the text.

People would apply for these programs at the U.S. embassies in their home countries. There would also be incentives for skilled workers to return to their home countries and work there. This would help the economy in those places grow and people will not need to leave to find a good job in the first place.

We should grant more visas per year for opportunities like this and for refugees. Refugees should also have an accelerated process for getting temporary visas. Refugees should also have designated areas in which they are protected so they don’t need to create gangs to protect themselves like what happened in Los Angeles.

“Sometimes Enrique does not eat at all. He feels weak”-Enrique’s Journey (p150). Children suffer so much trying to get to the U.S. through Mexico. It should be much easier to get into the U.S. legally and much harder to get into the U.S. illegally. People will not have to suffer spending months traveling and they should not have to risk their lives on the tops of trains.

My plan may limit skilled workers from Latin America entering our country, but otherwise the skilled workers would be drained from Latin America. Besides, they are the ones that are taking jobs away from U.S. citizens.

With my policy life will be better in Latin America in fifty years. There will be less violence, poverty, drugs, and gangs in Latin America in fifty years because there will be better infrastructure, education, and a better economy. With my policy life will be better in the U.S. in fifty years. There will be fewer undocumented immigrants, drugs, and taxpayer’s dollars spent on deportation in the U.S. in fifty years. There will be more job opportunities and newer industries in the U.S. in fifty years.

Immigration policy

Queenstown, NZ

Hey guys, I’m in New Zealand! It’s really awesome here, and I’ve done so much cool stuff! We got to Queenstown two days ago.

Today we went Jet boating. A jet boat is a really fast, really shallow-hulled boat. It has a giant engine and two jest that together put out about 750 horses. The water hydroplanes in the water so well that it only needs about four inches of water to operate. Driving a jet boat is so difficult, the driver needs 120 hours of training before ze can even take passengers. They are so experienced that they come within four or five inches of the cliffs on each side of the river. The driver can also do a flat spin on the water. Its really fun.

After jet boating we went to Arrowtown, which is like an Old Sturbridge Village for Queenstown. On Main Street there are all of these cute little shops. We stopped by the magnificent sweet shop and got to taste some really good fudge. We ended up buying about a few flavors. The next stop was the Jade and Opal Factory. There they made some jewelry out of greenstone. Greenstone is a type of soft jade that the indigenous Maōri made jewelry out of. Greenstone was sacred to the Maōri. Your first piece of greenstone has to be a gift and the giver has to wear it for a day to pour zis good luck into it. We got one for my grandmother and one for my Aunt Sunni, who is battling cancer. My sister and I also got one for each other. We got my grandmother and Sunni both fishhooks. The fish hook represents strength and good health. The ring, a circle, represents infinity.

Next, and most exiting, we were off to the Kawarau Bridge bungee! You jump off of an old suspension bridge into the Kawarau River! I sat down and the person there wrapped my legs in a towel and secured it with a webbing strap. I hopped over to the jumping platform. 3…2…1… in my head: “AAAHHH!!!” Out loud: “WOOOHOOO!!!” It was absolutely terrifying for the first second and a half, but in a good way. Then the bungee cord caught me, but not in time to keep me out of the water. “YEAH!” I yelled when I came shooting up out of the water. I bounced around for a little while and the boat caught me. After I jumped, people were looking at me like I was a celebrity.

Queenstown, NZ

Is Crime or Dishonesty Ever Okay?

The tough part about arguing this topic is that “okay” can be a relative term, for example, it may be more “okay” to steal an apple from a grocery store than to obliterate a city, but neither are lawful or “right”. I’m sure this topic is commonly debated and opinions are formed.

Here is mine:

When a victim isn’t really a victim, is a crime really a crime? An example of this could be a surprise birthday party. One friend is being dishonest to another friend to keep the surprise and the victim of the dishonesty is not wronged. The person that was lied to might even be glad that they were lied to because they received a nice surprise. I think that something like this would be acceptable because no wrong is done to anyone.

Something similar to this might be if a starving person stole a loaf of bread from a large corporation. In a case like this the victim is barely harmed compared to the perpetrator. The benefits to the perpetrator, not dying of starvation, outweigh the loss to the victim, a rich man losing one apple.

On the other hand, if someone were to lie to mass amounts of people for personal benefit, I think that it would be unacceptable. Yet, it still happens all the time in politics. Politicians lie about how they are going to “make everything great again” just to win an election instead of being honest and putting in the effort to think of real ideas to benefit others. In cases like this, the wrong done to the majority outweighs the benefit to the perpetrator, which is not, in my opinion, acceptable.

I think that in the end, wether or not something is acceptable depends on how much the act helps one person or group of people compared to how much the act hurts another person or group of people and wether or not one outweighs the other.

Is Crime or Dishonesty Ever Okay?

Why Tesla is Such a Great Product

Tesla Motors is a company that creates fully electric luxury cars. Tesla was founded by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in 2003. Tesla first came out with a car called the Tesla Roadster, which is a small two-seat, two-door sports car. This was their first step of development into the car industry. Tesla then started to progress towards a wider range market of more affordable cars. Their next car to come out was the Model S. The Model S is a four-door sedan with standard seating for five people and as much storage space as a Chevrolet Tahoe. The next, and latest, car that Tesla released, is the Model X. The Model X is a compact SUV with seating for up to seven people.


Teslas are expensive at the time of purchase, but less expensive after that. When you buy a Tesla, you don’t have to pay for gasoline. It is an electric car, so there are far fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance costs.


The Tesla Model S gets about 89 miles per gallon equivalent, so Tesla is good for the environment by using less energy that a normal car, and having zero emissions.


The Tesla Model S is the number one safety ranked car in America as of December 2015. This car is one of the only cars to get a perfect score on the NHTSA rating. The Model S has a low center of gravity increasing performance and decreasing rollover risk. It also has boron steel reinforcement to absorb pressure in the event of a crash. When an independent facility tried to test the roof crush safety of the car, the testing machine was unable to concave the roof.

Tesla cars are also very stylish and cool. The only reason not to buy one is well… they are quite pricey.

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Why Tesla is Such a Great Product

Top Ten Party Songs of the 21st Century

I have made a list, that in my opinion are the top ten party songs of the 21st century. I have not put the songs in any particular order. These songs may very well reflect my taste in music, and please do not feel offended if you disagree.

1) Shots: LMFAO. This song has a very driving beat with a strong chant as well as a hoarse, dance inspiring voice. this song was recorded in 2009 and released on october 13th of that year.(see also: sandshots)

2) Party Rock Anthem: LMFAO. This LMFAO creation is an upbeat, synthesized tune. the song is about trying to get people to party and have a good time.

3) Dynamite: Taio Cruz. This song has a catchy beat, with a fun dancing party theme. Dynamite is about going to a club and dancing your heart out

4) DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again: Usher, Pitbull. this is a song about a young couple reuniting at a club, dancing to the music.

5) Can’t Hold Us: Mackelmore, Ryan Lewis. Can’t Hold Us starts out with a steady, consistent beat, then a catchy piano tune is added in before the rap. The rap is about how Mackelmore put so much work into his career.

6) I Gotta Feeling: Black Eyed Peas. The Black Eyed Pease have a good feeling about the party they attend that night and that they will have a great time.

7) Time of Our Lives: Pitbull, Ne-Yo. This is a song about forgetting about problems, and just having fun at a party.

8) Give Me Everything: Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer. This song is about going all out at a party, and a brief summary is just “YOLO.”

9) Scream & Shout:, Britney Spears. Scream & Shout is about going to a club and letting go and partying.

10) Low: Flo Rida, T-Pain. Low is about a girl who is dancing at a club, and she impresses everyone with her exquisite dancing skills.

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Top Ten Party Songs of the 21st Century

Why You Can’t Solve the Rubik’s Cube, and How You can Learn!

There are a lot of people who cannot solve the Rubik’s Cube. There are a lot of people who can. The main reason that people cannot is that they do not understand how the cube works, and they are not using the right strategy. To solve the cube, you must understand the cube.

First, you need to become familiar with the pieces. The first piece is the center piece, there are six on each cube, in the center of each side. This piece can twist and turn, but it will always be in the same spot, relative to the other center pieces, so do not try to move this one, try to move the others to line up with this one. The next piece is the corner piece. There are eight on each cube, and they are in each corner. Some people try to make a color on the corner go to an edge, but this is impossible because a corner piece cannot go in an edge piece slot. These will always be in a corner and any one of them can be in any corner. The last type of piece is the edge piece. There are twelve of these on each cube. They are in between each of the corner pieces and can move to any other edge on the cube.

There is only one piece that can correctly go in each slot, and only one possible solved configuration. This is because one piece is not just one color, it can be two or three colors, which all have to be in the correct spot at the same time in order for the cube to be solved. The last thing that people do wrong is try to solve each side one at a time. One side can appear to be solved, but white and blue edge piece can be where the white and red edge piece should be, so the red and blue sides will not be solvable until these pieces are switched, so if one side is all one color, the other colors on the pieces could be in the totally wrong spot, and that is why it is so hard to solve two sides at once.

What I am trying to say is that when one side is solved, all of the pieces touching that side should look the same as when the entire cube is solved. My last piece of advice is that the correct way to do it is to try and solve it by the layer. What I mean by this is to solve it so that while solving one side, another side is also being solved at once.

I really hope this helped any of you out there who are still stumped on the World’s best selling puzzle and If you still do not understand, there is a full tutorial on Rubik’ Good luck!

Why You Can’t Solve the Rubik’s Cube, and How You can Learn!

Vail In Skiing

Vail is one of the largest skiing resort owners across the U.S. In Park City, Utah, Vail owns a resort called Canyons. The people who were leasing Park City didn’t pay the lease on time, so they lost the rights and Vail now owns it. Construction is currently going on connecting the two resorts with a gondola.

Vail has a product called the Epic Pass, which is a ski pass to many resorts that Vail owns across the U.S. The resorts on the epic pass include four in Colorado, one in Utah (Park City and Canyons are now combined), three in Lake Tahoe, one in Minnesota, one in Michigan, and one in New South Wales, Australia. I think this pass will be good for most skiers because the Epic pass cost about $730 for the entire season, for all of the resorts, but the cost of a season pass at just one resort is usually more that that, which shows the value of the Epic Pass.

There are a lot of people who don’t like Vail, so they won’t ski at Park City. There are also a lot of people that will ski the epic pass, like my family, because of the deal that it is, and Park City has some pretty great powpow.

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Vail In Skiing